3 Safest Positions To Use On Sex Swings for Beginners

For many couples who enjoy having extraordinary sex, love swings, also called slings, is the absolute non plus ultra. The intense sense of surrender and control creates an erotic tingle that you no longer want to miss.

Love swing accessories for unrestrained hours without danger of falling

It is undisputed that a sling brings extraordinary fun and literally new momentum to the bedroom. However, make sure that the hooks on which it is hung, bombproof in the ceiling.

In this product category you will find not only our high-quality love swings but also the matching accessories. For example, our sling hooks have been specially designed for use in wood or concrete slabs and ensure that there is no accidental surprises during sex than you would like.

Especially comfortable is the ride on the love swing, if you use a special spring in the suspension, which you will also find in our online shop. They dampen the movements and increase the fun factor for all involved. If you want to bring new spice into your love life, you should absolutely try our love swings!

Loveswing – love swings in practice

 Does it matter to you to be at the mercy of your partner? Then Loveswing is just right for you. Here your lover has control and you can just let yourself go and enjoy. Look forward to imaginative sex games and unprecedented orgasms.

Want to know more about How to use a sex swing? If you love to play the active and sometimes the passive part, Loveswing with multi hooks is the love swing of your choice. Their special construction makes even the most daring positions with. Whether you lie in front of or on your partner or sit on your lap, the possibilities are limitless.

Also Loveswing Classic offers you the ultimate variety of poses. Whether standing up, lying down, from behind or from the front, thanks to the softly padded straps you will experience unrestricted sexual pleasure.

Buy love swing online

All three models are easily adjustable in height. For extra high ceilings an extension set is available. By the way, Loveswing is not just for graceful elves. The model de Luxe can be loaded up to 100 kg, Multi-Vario and Classic even up to 150 kg. The enclosed info sheet with position suggestions makes it easier for you and your loved one to enter a new dimension of sexuality. But soon you will not need it anymore.

With a love swing from branded companies, you’ll never be bored and you’ll effortlessly reach one climax after another. Loveswing brings sexual climax with addiction. You and your partner will love it. Everyday life in bed, that was once.

You want to lose the ground under your feet during sex and swing you up to new pleasure peaks? Then a love swing could be the ideal sex toy for you. Whether you take it alone or in pairs on it – opportunities for pleasurable positions offers the love swing many. Does it sound seductive? Please rise!

In most cases, a love swing – also called a sling – made of leather or plastic and is attached to the ceiling. The swing itself usually has a sitting or lying area and several wide straps. These hold the body and allow you to try different sex positions. Need small inspiration?

Sex positions for the love swing

You like varied sex? Then you are well served with a love swing. The classic variant is that the woman sits or lays in the swing while the man stands in front of her. After the intrusion, he can use the swinging movements of the swing to determine the pace of lovemaking. Also for two you can have a lot of fun in your swinging love seat: For example, in the butterfly position, the man takes a seat on the swing, she sits astride him. So you can both look each other in the eye and sway against each other in the direction of climax.

Oral or anal – no problem!

You want to spoil your loved one orally? Here’s how it works: He sits down in the love swing, you kneel in front of him and draw him rhythmically to you. For a man it is much more comfortable with the swing to satisfy his partner orally . When she is in the swing and he is sitting in front of her, comic dislocations with her head are superfluous. You want to try it with anal sex? In this case, she lies down on her stomach in the swing. The man stands behind her and penetrates her with careful vibrations. Here, caution and empathy are needed so that it is not too painful for the woman.

Where can I get a love swing?

You can now order love swings in most online erotic shops. Depending on how they are built, you have to invest between 50 and 500 dollars. Love swings with leather seats, for example, are more robust, but also more expensive. Before buying a swing, you should measure how much space is available for your home. Another important note: Using a love swing can cause sounds that may disturb your neighbors. This is especially common in cheap models. So rather invest a little more money in quality. It will be worth it.

Love swing positions can change your sex life and make intercourse as exciting as it was the first time. With many positions that are not usually possible, weightlessness sex should not be underestimated. A love swing will not be the cheapest addition to your bedroom, but it could be one of the funniest!

Sex Swings are an advanced bondage sex toy. There are a few different types available and several ways to use them. Here we show you the 7 love swing positions for the perfect orgasm. If you want a door swing, Go Here.

What is a love swing?

Sex Swings are a series of braces that are usually suspended from a frame or a secure carrier, allowing one or both partners to safely lift off the floor during sexual intercourse. Remember to always check the weight limits before buying. Most love swings hold with proper anchorage about 200 kilos. When choosing your first sex swing you should consider in which areas of your house, you swing want to. If you have a safe ceiling beam, then you can drill a hole and hang the love swing with the frame.

If you and your partner are done with the love swing and have tried all sex positions, then you can just hang out and you will never notice.

Love swing positions for a perfect orgasm

If you have become familiar with the love swing, then you certainly want to try new positions. These sex positions for the love swing guaranteed to bring you an orgasm.

The hug

One of the most popular positions of the Kamasutra, where the man holds up the woman as he enters her. It’s the kind of position you see in movies, but it’s often a clumsy no-go. The weightlessness of a sex swing allows this sex position but without danger.

Missionary position

The woman has to sit down with her legs spread and use the stirrups as a support. When he enters the rocking movement, he will literally shake up his world and make every bump deeper and stronger than ever.

Doggy style

While the woman bends her face down over the swing, the man can penetrate either vaginally or anal. The movement of the swing again allows deeper, stronger impacts.The doggy style is the perfect position to start with the love swing positions.

Cunnilingus – oral sex

When the man sits in the swing, hold his thighs tight. While you give him a blow job, you can move the swing forwards and backwards, allowing him to float in the seventh heaven. The man can do the same with the woman.

69 positions

As soon as one partner gets up, the other one lies face down. Use the weightlessness to swing gently as you satisfy each other’s oral. This love swing position is among the most difficult of all.

Antelope’s position

The sex position antelope is also known as horse antelope and is a popular sex practices. Anyone who has imagined something about the animal antelope under this pairing position will be disappointed from here. Also, when it is said that the man needs a lot of strength for this practice, it is still great for a quick quickie, because both partners have to practice standing up while swinging in the love swing.

Conclusion to love swing

A love swing can make sex very exciting and erotic. With the right positions of sex, the pleasure is even hotter. A love swing rack you can put on your door or blanket swing stand attach and it is even possible to build a swing yourself.

Author: Rene Mattox