7 Things To Put In Mind Before Purchasing A Chastity Cage for Your Partner

Do you want to inquire before buying your chastity cage? This buying guide will present you – in a clear, objective and independent way – expert selection of the best chastity cages of the moment. You will discover the best chastity cage in 2018, the chastity cage offering the best value for money, and the best solution of How to put on a chastity cage:

Mystim Cage of Testicles

After testing this chastity cage, you may not be able to do without it. All in transparency, it will give a glimpse of the interior, which will ignite even more the senses of your partner. It will guarantee you moments of complicity and total confidence.

The solid silicone shell is quite soft and will not hurt you. It can be locked with a padlock with the option to remove it quickly in case of emergency. For even more sensation, it is equipped with electrodes that allow discharging some tensions using a small box that will be entrusted to your partner. Or, you can just as well stimulate yourself without any problem while having full control.

The Most Comfortable: the CB-X Chastity Cage

This cage will be perfect for lovers of SM solo or in pairs. It is of adjustable size so will go to most men. Or else, you can also make the choice to tighten it voluntarily for even more sensation.

Although it takes some time to adapt, you will get used to it and will only feel the pleasure it gives you. And if you make the choice to wear it when leaving your home, have no fear of an annoying bulge under your clothes. In addition, its weight allows it since it weighs only 280 g. And you will have no trouble urinating with. Indeed, you do not need to remove it.

The Best Value for Money: the Male Penis Cage

You and your mistress or master can only be satisfied with the male penis cage. Once the lock is closed, you no longer have the means to free yourself especially if your partner keeps the key. You will then have to wait for your release.

Although the cage is made of stainless steel, it has been polished to a perfect finish. Everything will provide you comfort assured by the absence of any stops that could hurt you. This model is particularly suitable for those with rather small anatomies at rest. But do not worry. In erection, you will find all the sensations that you seek in terms of compression and frustration.

The Most Practical: the Duzzy Chastity Cage

This model from Duzzy has an adjustable ring that allows it to adapt to all sizes. It is easy to use since it is sufficient to put on and close the padlock. However, do not worry, it will still allow you to urinate without removing it. Thus, you will be able to keep a maximum of time on you.

Totally transparent, it is made with a very good material, polycarbonate. It is therefore very light, which is more medical quality. In addition, it is hypoallergenic therefore poses no risk to your health. It is really comfortable, but still plans a special gel or lubricant by putting it on.

The Best Cheap Step: the Sensual69 Chastity Cage

The latter model is the cheapest that can be found and yet you are still served at the level of quality. It comes with several accessories, including 5 different rings that will fit almost all penis sizes. It is the Rings that still seem a little tight.

You will not encounter any problem to thread the model. And more, it is rather comfortable when you wear it. And although it is plastic, it has a very good finish that will not fail to please you. You will be able to explore other horizons and sensations with your partner thanks to this device.

Criteria to Consider when Choosing a Chastity Cage

The material

The chastity cage is available in several materials. Depending on the preferences and the intended use, the choice belongs to everyone. The ABS cage comes with several rings of different sizes. It can suit all sizes and can be tightened and loosened as you wish. The silicone cage goes unnoticed even for those who wear it. It is soft and odorless and warms on contact with the skin. The metal cage is solid and increases the feeling of submission. Finally, the leather cage is the favorite of followers of sadomasochism (SM). It is ideal for foreplay.


A chastity cage must be comfortable enough to be worn throughout the day. Its port should not interfere with your daily movements. It must allow you to walk and sit freely.


The aesthetics of the chastity cage is very important because it is used to increase sexual pleasure. His sight should excite your partner more. Since there are several models, you are free to choose the one that suits your tastes and those of your partner.


A chastity cage must be narrow enough to be felt. A cage too wide will not provide any sensation. Just make sure the penis at rest can fit into the tube, so at the slightest erection, you will feel its stress. In addition, a fitted cage is more discreet.


There are chastity cages that allow you to urinate without having to remove it. There are also models that you can clean regularly without having to open it. The hygiene issue is very delicate, everyone has their preference.

Why buy a chastity cage?

The forbidden is always more exciting than allowed. To have the penis in a cage and nothing to do to relieve his desires will excite the man more. In addition, the slightest excitement will be accentuated by the feeling of being trapped in the cage. You will obviously feel frustrated, but this frustration will be a source of excitement you will never have known before. There is also the potential to make orgasms last longer, when combined with Kegel exercises.

Ideal for SM followers

Carrying a cage is a sign of total submission to one’s partner. Not being able to do anything to satisfy his excitement, Things to Consider while buying Chastity Cage the one who has the penis in a cage will do everything so that the other releases him and finally be able to have fun. You will submit to all the masochistic desires of the other and give him complete control of your body and your sexuality.

To spice up your intimate relationships

The chastity cage allows playing a role play, including the role of dominant and dominated. If you are shy, the role of the dominated will allow you to discover all your sexuality without the responsibility to choose. Your partner, on the other hand, can do whatever he wants with you without waiting for it to be reciprocal.

To help you control yourself

Being caged will help you control your cravings and urges, leading to better sexual health. If the key is not in your hands, you must wait for your partner’s endorsement to make love or masturbate. If before you succumb as soon as the urge shows up, the cage will force you to control you and wait until the key holder agrees to enjoy. One factor that determines whether or not you get to address your urges is the keyholder.

To stimulate your other erogenous zones

Being trapped in a chastity cage will help you stimulate other areas of pleasure, as you will have to find other ways to satisfy your cravings. You will be able to rediscover your body and have a more fulfilling sexuality.

Author: Rene Mattox