Advertising with Evanston Green Fest is an excellent way to effectively and affordably reach over your viewers. Evanston Green Fest offers a number of options to market your website and services. Consider the various programs listed below and pick those that will best meet your business needs.

Banner Ad On Website

A banner ad is an excellent way to maintain top-market awareness with your targeted audience. All online banners scroll across the bottom of the homepage with a company logo and link to your web site. In addition, your organization will be featured on our Advertisers Page with banner ad space, company description, website and contact phone number.

Marketing Blast Email

Reach out your targeted viewers with one click of the “send” button. This quick and easy method of advertising allows you to send an advertising or marketing message “en masse.” Formatting your message in a succinct style will add to its readability and response rate. Offered on a space available basis; subject to blackout periods.

Webinar Host Sponsor

Webinars are one-hour presentations using an online technology service provider to link attendees by phone and internet. Evanston Green Fest will promote the event, handle registration and communication with attendees.


For more information about advertising with Evanston Green Fest drop us a message in our contact page.