Homemade Butt Plug Alternatives

It is worth making a difference in the sex life from sharing erotic and sexual desires to embodying bold and vivid experiments. This will preserve, strengthen passion and attraction, expand mutual understanding and improve the sexual interest of partners.

The lack of diversity and experimentation in sex is often one of the main causes of family disharmonies in sexual life. This is due to a strict, puritanical upbringing in the parental family and the perception of sex as a dirty and licentious process, saturated with violence and vice as well as the traumatic experience of the first sexual relationships.

Sexologist and psychotherapist

According to the sexologist, for a variety of sexual relations, it is often enough to simply exchange sexual fantasies discuss and implement them. In relationships, it is important to maintain sex spontaneity and quality foreplay.
Sexual intercourse is only a small part of sexual relations. Erotic materials and accessories are also welcome if the consent of both partners is taken into account. High-quality erotic and even pornographic materials contribute to the expansion of a person’s theoretical and sensory experience, but they are different for each age, the psychotherapist notes.

Sexologists’ gives an example that such film as “50 shades of gray” for people 30 and older can be an entertaining opportunity to get information about the diversity of sexual preferences. But in a partnership, such sexual experiments are possible only by mutual agreement and in joint pleasure.

For adolescents and young men, materials that expand the range of acceptability and sexual preferences often do harm, not good. Early acquaintance with erotic and pornographic materials violates the development and maturation of human sexuality and can contribute to the formation of various complexes, the expert is sure.

Why make diversity in sexual life

Experienced professionals names three reasons to know how to make a butt plug

• Leave the need to look for diversity on the side, changing your loved one.
• The trust of the partner increases, intimate harmony, and sincere closeness is created.
• To receive sexual energy and transform it into a good mood and pleasure from everyday affairs.

How to diversify sex to 40 years

Experts recommend studying and rediscovering receptor sensitivity. For example, you can use the taste sensations with the help of sweet massage powder, fruit lubricants. You can open up the natural sensitivity of the body in a new way by playing with massage oils, silk, warming, cooling, sweet, slippery water, feathers, and hands.

Vibration will help to find your erogenous zones: low-frequency, high-frequency, pulsating, vacuum, and wavy, turbo-pleasure. Despite the fact that the vibrator is usually associated only with the female intimate zone, its scope of application is much wider. Erogenous zones are located throughout the body, and vibratory massage allows them to identify faster and with less effort.

Role-playing games and savory feelings on the edge – BDSM – will also help to diversify relationships. In the first version, even a simple sex cube – a die with poses on the edges – will make you more playful and open to experiments, like great advice about how to maintain the manicure. In the second one, you can arrange torture with pleasure using a vibrator.

How to diversify your sex life in 40

The mistress of the sex shop notes that women and men over 40 years should pay special attention to intimate health just like how Playboy is in the process of reinventing itself. Women should additionally use eco-lubricants; strengthen intimate muscles with the help of Kegel exercises and accessories: vaginal balls with a displaced center of gravity or weighting, muscle stimulators, and vibration simulators.

Eco-lubricants – lubricant for intimate proximity

Miostimulants – a device for influencing the muscles of the body using electrical impulses. What was a pleasure earlier may lose its former colors, but this does not mean that “as it was no longer there” – it may be even better. The main thing is to pay more attention to your intimate health.

Men with weakened erections pay attention to prostate health. For the prevention of diseases, it is necessary to do vacuum massage of the pump, massage the prostate and use BIG-foam cream to normalize the blood circulation in the cavernous bodies of the penis and restore the natural erection. If you combine a massage, for example, with artificial or natural insemination, it will not only be useful but also pleasant.

The first step to diversity in bed

Any variety begins with mastering the rules of sexual safety. We are talking about condoms and lubricants. They can be purchased at a pharmacy or supermarket, but better – in specialized stores with high-quality advice. Using them, you show respect to your partner.


A condom is needed: for those who are constantly changing sexual partners; a couple who does not plan to conceive or who practices anal sex in order to avoid inflammatory processes – for both men and women. Condoms are with spikes, balls, flavor, color, prolongations’ (condoms that prolong sexual intercourse) and others.


Basic lubricants are called “cooking in bed.” For example, in a frying pan, where vegetables are roasted, we add either water or oil, and to these neutral bases are spices to taste. So in bed there are water and silicone based lubricants.

When buying a water-based lubricant, the mistress of the sex shop offers to pay attention to the Belarusian product ?ska: natural composition, 98% organic, slippery, odorless and tasteless. According to her, thanks to her, a man feels weightless when he enters a woman.

When buying an oil-based lubricant, she advises choosing the Swiss Navy fluid. Light grease without oil effect. It is recommended for use in love games, when you want to touch the clitoris, member. Apply on the finger and do a mutual massage. This base is also suitable for oral sex: you will not feel any taste or smell. Lubricants are stimulating, warming, narrowing, cooling, painkillers, deodorizing, anal and others.

Stimulation of intimate muscles

In order to answer a similar question, it is necessary to compare the device of the anus and vagina. The vagina is a muscular tube, at the very beginning of which the labia majora are located. At the same time, there are a lot of sensitive points in this organ: these are the labia itself, and the walls of the vagina, and the legendary point G. If we speak about the anus, then this is the rectum, the entrance to which two circular muscles are closed at the same time, while the nerve endings are only close to the anus. Thus, it turns out that only the anus itself makes sense to stimulate. In this case, the conversation is now talking specifically about women, since for men in this area there is also a prostate sensitive to touch, but its stimulation is a separate conversation.

Toys for anal sex Butt plugs and balls

Let’s go back to the female anus. Stimulation of this organ can be done by many types of sex toys. For a gentle, soft impact, butt plug is best. Now if you’re really interested with high-quality anal plugs, make sure to visit Loveplugs.

For passionate and sensual stimulation, you can use the anal dildo famous in porn shoots. But for getting the most vivid sensations, anal balls can be considered an ideal toy. The secret of this device lies in the fact that it acts directly on the anus itself, while stimulation does not occur with the help of small vibration and not through direct contact, as is the case with anal plugs. When moving the balls back and forth, the anus is forced to constantly strain and relax, which gives such an unforgettable pleasure. The dimensions of the anal balls can be any, which allows you to choose the intensity of exposure.

Author: Rene Mattox