How To Choose The Right Type of Ben Wa Balls for Beginners

At key moments in a woman’s life, after giving birth or at menopause, the risk of incontinence is increased. To remedy this, there are different perineal reeducation techniques, proposed according to the profile of each. Among these, weights or vaginal cones are an interesting device to strengthen the perineum gradually. What efficiency to expect and what are the types of ben wa balls? Also, if you’re interested in purchasing ben wa balls, click here.

Find a simple solution to fight incontinence

Many women suffer from urinary leakage, sneezing, laughing, or heavy physical exertion. This form of urinary incontinence, known as stress, can be prevented or corrected with efficiency thanks to well conducted perineareeducation. But women are often demotivated face the proposed exercises to strengthen the perineum. To help them practice easily at home, a device called vaginal cones is interesting.

How to naturally strengthen the perineum with vaginal cones?

The vaginal cone is a small weight that is inserted inside the vagina. The purpose of the exercise is to retain this accessory so that it does not slip outside by naturally appealing to the perineal muscles. This is called biofeedback: by reflex, you set up a biological feedback mechanism that allows you to contract with the necessary intensity targeted muscles.

For rehabilitation to be progressive, there are cones of variable weight, from 20 to 70 grams. Begin the exercise with the lightest cone and try to hold it in place for 15 to 20 minutes. It is recommended to practice the exercise twice a day while standing while going about your usual activities. When the exercise requires more effort, we move to a cone of higher weight, to the heavier. Thus, you work on both strength and endurance of the pelvic floor muscles.

Discover the benefits of vaginal cones

Controlling urinary leakage after childbirth or during menopause is still possible thanks to pelvic floor strengthening exercises. But many women find it difficult to practice the exercises because they do not know exactly which muscles to contract. To learn to target the muscles of the perineum, vaginal cones are an interesting accessory: they “force” naturally to use the pelvic muscles without using the abdominals or buttocks, often used wrongly.

Women also find other benefits to this accessory: the vaginal cone is used very discreetly, alone, and at home. No need to make appointments with a health professional: the exercise is done while continuing its activities.

In which cases is the efficiency of the vaginal cones optimal?

There are few concrete studies on the effectiveness of vaginal cones used alone to fight incontinence. The consensus is on their use as a complementary accessory to a global management of stress incontinence.

Even if the cones are non-prescription devices, it is essential to take a checkup with a health professional before starting a perinea reeducation. These weights are recommended postpartum or at menopause for urinary leakage, but there are a number of situations where they are contraindicated, such as after episiotomy, caesarean section, or any gynecological surgery. They are also not recommended if you have a vaginal or uterine infection.

The secret of a device able to strengthen the perineum

The use of vaginal cones may surprise you on a different personal level: by toning your perineum, the quality of your sexual relations will win for you and your partner. One more argument to persevere in his exercises.

What is the difference between Geisha balls and vaginal cones?

Punctuated by trauma often related to pregnancy, the perineum of the woman must be re-educated to maintain tone and shape. Weight gain and menopause are also causes of the need for perineal reeducation.

To each woman her method and among her vaginal cones and geisha balls. But what is the difference between Geisha balls and vaginal cones?

The geisha balls

Made of two metal balls or silicone, geisha balls stimulate sexual pleasure. They are also served in medicine during perineal rehabilitation exercises.

They enter therapy to cure urinary incontinence. It is especially the muscles that make up the perineum of the woman that are worked. They come in many sizes and weights.

To begin the exercises, one must opt ??for small sizes of 3.5 cm. At first, insert the first ball into the vagina and make sure to leave the cord outside. After a few contractions, we can insert the second ball. This alternates between contraction and relaxation while controlling breathing.

Vaginal cones

Vaginal cones are used for the same purpose. They are presented by four or five cones that are similar but have different weights.

The weight of the object plays a very important role in the exercises. So that the vagina regains its flexibility, the exercises are done at home in addition to the rehabilitation sessions offered by the physiotherapist or the midwife.

Just keep a cone in the vagina while we continue our activities. The session should not last more than a quarter of an hour and the exercise is repeated twice a day.

We can start with the smallest weight. After a few days, if one manages to hold the cone at greater weight in the vagina, one can say that the bodybuilding of it improves. An evolution can be judged when one can no longer make urinary leaks when sneezing or when coughing.

For the rehabilitation of the perineum, geisha balls and vaginal cones can usefully serve to an equal degree. As it is possible to self-rehabilitate the perineum at home with these products, one may wonder which of them is more suitable. That’s why we put them in parallel in this article to help you in your decision-making.

The vaginal cones or vaginal weights are used primarily in the stimulation of the perineal muscles. Whatever may be the causes of weakness of the pelvic muscles of this organ, an opinion may advise the use of this product to infuse the latter with their usual tone.

Thus, involuntary exits of urine due to stress incontinence are usually prevented by a perineal rehab program. It is necessary to understand by effort the movements of the body like sneezing, coughing, etc. The inability to hold back the urine, which escapes during these acts, can be treated by means of the strengthening of the perinealmuscles . This restoration of function of these muscles is made possible by the progressive aspect of the exercises performed, aspect related to the increasing volumes of the vaginal cones. Whether in addition to physiotherapy sessions or for perineal self-rehabilitation, vaginal cones are of great use in the treatment of perinealadynamy.

Author: Rene Mattox