Sex Toy Stimulation : Are There Any Downsides?

Stimulator for her and for him, the vibrating ring can make the relationship with the partner more spicy and satisfying. Find out how to choose a urethral sound for a beginner. What it is, how to use it and why you should consider trying one. The relationship is always kept alive with great imagination, and sometimes it takes very little to ignite the passion: a surprise striptease, make love in some “forbidden” place or a sex toy to show off at the right time. You can explore a wide number of possibilities. You can go to for safe and high quality penis plugs to amp up your sex game.

Do not think of the classic phallic-shaped vibrator; in recent years the sex toy industry has made great strides and now the variants and technologies available to increase pleasure during intercourse are practically endless.

These include the vibrating ring, a special device designed to intensify the sensations and orgasm of both partners. Usually worn at the base of the penis and put into operation by a button, it makes more lasting and satisfying the erection of your partner, simultaneously stimulate your clitoris and giving you moments of extreme pleasure.

It is soft, it is elastic, and it is powerful. LELO is the classic demonstration that truly brilliant ideas are simple. Just a ring of soft silicone to give more firmness to your erection that lasts even longer; equip it with a vibrating part and you will have the possibility to add extra stimulation to your already improved performance.

What more do you want from life? Know the positions to use it better? Here they are!

The classic

The classic use of the phallic ring is also one of the most rewarding. The man wears it around the penis with the vibrating part facing up, so that it goes to stimulate the woman’s clitoris. This stimulation gives the maximum when the woman is above the man, in the position of the rider. So let’s recap: his erection is more impressive and more lasting, plus an extra stress on his clitoris.

Who does himself

Ok, it’s not like since TOR 2 is considered a sex toy for the couple, this means you can only use it when you are together. Indeed. If, like most people, even if you are a couple you still continue to appreciate the joys of sex alone, if she (he?) Has left you but this has not inhibited your desire, know that your loyal TOR 2 It gives great satisfaction even when you are alone. It amplifies your feelings thanks to the powerful vibrations and prolongs the duration of your pleasure. Wear it when you start to caress and direct the vibrating part where you prefer, you can also change its position while you stimulate it but we suggest you to turn it down for the grand finale.

Double play

Very similar to the classic position but with a fundamental difference: both the woman and the sex toy turn their backs on the man: in this way, the vibrating part of the ring still stimulates her clitoris, but also reaches the testicles of him. The phallic ring or Cockring is one of the most appreciated male sex toys used by the strong sex, to strengthen even more their manhood. Using it, in fact, allows you to have a more vigorous erection and to keep it longer. It is not a jewel that puts on the member to make a scene, but to get a more intense pleasure and a much, much more satisfying orgasm.

If you are in doubt about which model of phallic ring to choose and especially how to use a ring for the penis , get comfortable, give yourself three minutes of relaxation and you will know more with this article. Once finished, you will know how to orient yourself among the many types of Cockring on the market and take the one that best suits your erotic needs.

Let’s go into more detail and see how to use and how to wear a phallic ring. First, the Cock ring should be worn on your penis in semi-erection, making it slide to the base of the member. Consider that once the maximum erection is reached, the phallic ring will feel you narrower. That’s why you have to pay attention to which model you prefer and remove it immediately if it bothers you.

To slide a Cockring on the rod, apply a little ‘of lubricant in the inside of the ring, so it will slide better and without friction. How long can a phallic ring be worn? No more than 20 consecutive minutes. But if you see changes in skin color or if your penis becomes unresponsive, take it off immediately because it is blocking the blood circulation.

Which cockring model to choose

Depending on your experience with a phallic ring and the kind of feelings you want to try, you can choose a Cockring model rather than another. There are many on the market, both for the type of material used, and for shape, size and effect on the penis. A first difference between Cockring is the elasticity of the material.

Elastic phallic rings are perfect for beginners, because they follow the erection better and do not tighten. Cockrings of rigid material , however, are more suitable for those who are familiar with the toy. These, however, must be measured before the purchase, to verify the most suitable measure to the circumference of the erect penis shaft. But let’s see the most common ones better.

Phallic ring in silicone

The phallic ring made of rigid medical silicone is one of the best choices, especially for the safety of the material. Non-porous, hypoallergenic and safe for the skin, you can feel comfortable and wear it without risking infections or irritations. Attentive only to the choice of lubricant: with silicone toys, always and only water lubricants, which do not damage the material.

Steel penis ring

The steel phallic ring is very BDSM and is perfect if you have a meeting with a Mistress or a partner (or a gay partner) who loves hard games and fetish aesthetics. The rigid material, however, requires that you measure the Cockring to see which measure will not tighten you too much. The quality of a steel phallic ring is that you can wear it after having cooled it in the fridge, for pleasant cold-hot sensations during your games. This too, as a material, is among the safest.

How to remove a phallic ring from the penis

Another point not to be underestimated, before wearing a Cockring, is to know how to pull off a phallic ring , so that it does not hurt you. The rule is very simple: to things done and enjoyed, the penis ring should be removed when the member is now flaccid. Do not remove it when the penis is in erection, because you may have difficulty, especially if you use a silicone cockring and a water lubricant that dries faster than silicone based.

And we always recommend a comfortable measure, because if the ring is too tight, you risk getting it fixed and removing it becomes an impossible task. Think about enjoying, but also think about your health.

Do you want to try a penis ring? Just do it!

On balance and with due precautions, a phallic ring can improve your erotic performances and change them for the better. In much better. It also solves some problems with momentary erectile dysfunction.