Weird but Sexy: The Vajankle

If you’re into feet, ankles, toes, or soles, let us introduce you to the vajankle! What is this peculiar toy, and how do you even use it? We can’t wait to tell you all about it, so read on. 

What Exactly Is a Vajankle?

Okay, let’s be honest here. We all have a fetish or two under our belts. This one is for those with podophilia, tha is, our feet-loving friends. That’s right, friends, today is all about the world of foot fetishism. More specifically, it’s about a toy that every person with a kink of this kind simply needs in their collection. 

So, what have we got here? A vajankle is exactly what it sounds like. However, let’s not be so vulgar right off the bat. This toy is going to replace your old pocket vaginas. Why? Because it’s literally a silicone foot… with a vagina. It’s time to ascend to heaven! Has there ever been a better toy for foot fetishists? We think not. 

They come in different sizes, skin colors, even different color nail polish. It’s astonishing just how realistic they are, with veins and everything! If toys like this tick all of your boxes, let us tell you more about the vajankle. Something tells us that you’ll definitely be getting one.

How Did Sex Toy Companies Come Up With This Idea?

We’re sure you’re wondering how in the hell an idea like this came to life. Well, it all began with the company that makes these — the Sinthetics. They specialize in making silicone ’manikins,’ as they prefer not to refer to them as dolls. On their website, you can also find penises, torsos, feet, even heads! 

In 2013, one of their returning customers rang them up. He simply asked if they could put a vagina into one of the feet that they already manufacture. Uhhh… sure? They definitely didn’t judge this man’s fetish. In fact, his wish came true, and now all men with the same kink can enjoy their very own vajankle as well. We have to say that man really took one for the team, so people should definitely be thankful. 

Why Would Someone Be Interested in This Product?

Being attracted to feet is rather common, but it’s still heavily frowned upon. That’s why people don’t really talk about it at parties, so to speak. That’s because others think this is weird or that people with this kind of fetish are freaks. Still, they shouldn’t judge too fast because they’re definitely missing out on a lot. 

For most people with this fetish, not playing with feet means they may or may not be able to get off. Sadly, you won’t always have nice feet at your disposal. So, what’s the next best thing? Buying silicone feet replicas! People have been playing with toys like that for years now. That is until everything was brought to a whole other level thanks to our brave friend and Sinthetics.

So, if you’re into feet and you want to try sticking your penis into an inanimate object, this is definitely the perfect product for you.

How Do You Use It?

Now, this is the part where you utilize your imagination. However, if you lack in that department, have no fear. We’re here to give you plenty of ideas regarding how you can play with your brand new toy. Let’s take a look at some of the examples:

  • Good ol’ sex — Use this toy the same way you’d use a pocket vagina, nothing too complicated.
  • Spice it up — While you’re at it, you can also touch the foot, caress it, play with toes, or do whatever you feel like doing at that moment.
  • Foreplay magic — Before you get down and dirty with your new toy, you can use it for foreplay. Stroke it or stroke yourself with it, and if you have a pair of feet, it’s the perfect opportunity to give yourself a footjob
  • Practice worship — Who says you can’t make up your own scenarios? It turns out you don’t need anyone else to roleplay. Pretend that the feet belong to your mistress, and try your best to worship them. No need to overthink it too much, all you need to do is give them special attention (massage them, kiss them, etc.)

Who says that a toy like this can’t be fun? 

Where Can I Find One?

If you’ve had enough of us telling you all there is to know about this toy, and you want one now, we’ve got you covered! Not very many places sell this product, and there are almost no alternatives. Still, we’ve looked far and wide to bring you a list of websites where you can purchase a vajankle of your own. Take a peek:

  • Sinthetics
  • Amazon
  • AliExpress
  • Foot Fetish by Oxy
  • Lovegasm

When it comes to alternatives, we can only talk about different placements of the vagina. It can either be on top of the ankle or at the sole. You can find the latter at Lovegasm. 


Satisfying your sexual desire is easier now than ever. No matter what kind of fetish you have, there will be a toy that will impress you. If you’re into feet, we recommend trying the vajankle at least once. Trust us when we say that you’ll never be able to go back.

Author: Rene Mattox